The Notorious Conor McGregor – his career on an iconic Irish signpost

Conor McGregor's Irish signpost picture

We Irish love Christmas but something is happening this weekend that is distracting even the most Yuletide-obsessed Irishmen and women. That thing is Conor McGregor’s fight against UFC World Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo this Saturday. Hundreds of fans have flown to Las Vegas where the fight will take place at between 4am and 5am Irish time at the MGM Grand Hotel. Thousands more will be up early to catch the fight on Setanta.

The self-styled ‘Notorious’ Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter from Crumlin, Dublin, is very proud of his Irishness so we thought he might enjoy his very own Signs from Ireland picture.

He was born and bred in Crumlin, a suburb of south Dublin, so that, naturally, is the anchor place that appears in the caption. The locations on the signposts are important places in his short but explosive career. Signs from Ireland has worked out the distance from Crumlin to each of them and those distances are recorded on the sign, just as you’d expect:

So what is the significance of the five places we’ve chosen? Bet you know already …

The Straight Blast Gym on the Naas Road in south west Dublin, in the neighbourhood where McGregor grew up, is where Conor McGregor has trained for the last ten years under John Kavanagh.

The 3 Arena was still called the O2 back in July 2014 when Conor McGregor and his Straight Blast Gym comrades won a clean slate for Ireland at the UFC event. McGregor took out Brazilian Diego Brandao in the first round and Ireland feel madly in love with the cocky Crumlin lad.

Iceland was where McGregor went to train in preparation for the fight at the O2. He got away from the hype in Ireland and perfected his jujitsu skills in the peace and quiet of Reykjavik with expert Gunnar Nelson.

Sweden. McGregor made his UFC debut in Sweden in April of 2013 and took just 67 seconds to dispatch US fighter Marcus Brimage, who was undefeated in the UFC at the time.

Las Vegas is where McGregor will meet Jose Aldo in a match that will decide who is the undisputed World Featherweight UFC Champion. The fight will take place at the MGM Grand on the Strip, the last of a five-fight bill.

Conor, you can do it.

If you would like your own Signs from Ireland signpost picture with your life mapped out on it, you can create your personalised signpost right here.