The sign of a genuine Irish pub

The sign of a genuine Irish pub

A Signs from Ireland framed picture marks out a genuine Irish pub. Many Irish pub owners like to celebrate where in Ireland they or their ancestors are from – you sometimes see GAA county colours and family crests taking pride of place in the pub. The Signs from Ireland framed picture goes so much further than that because it shows all the significant places in someone’s life on a signpost.

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What makes the Irish pub so special?

Irish pubs abroad are so much more than bars. They are unofficial community centres – touch points for an emigrant population, social outlets for Irish people far from home, and the focus of sporting and cultural activities for the diaspora.

The Irish pub is one of our greatest exports. Why has it spread across the globe as a concept in a way that the hostelries of other cultures have not?

You’ll never guess who I bumped into down at O’Neill’s

There is something welcoming and social about the layout, with the bar and bar stools allowing for shoulder-to-shoulder interaction, so much less formal and more social than table service. You can interact with the bar staff as well as with those sitting along the bar and with people as they come up to order. There are tables, booths and snugs but the layout is always about allowing free circulation of people so that conversations can happen.

In some cases, the décor may not even be especially ‘Irish’ but the support and solace offered to the ex-pat community sets the establishment apart and makes it a home from home for Irish people and people of Irish extraction.

For non-Irish people, the Irish pub is a convivial place alive with the potential for good times. It’s often the first encounter they will have with Irish culture and may well inspire a visit to Ireland or interest in Irish music, dancing and the culture in general.

Here are the Signs from Ireland top ten things that make a good Irish pub

  1. A Signs from Ireland signpost picture on the wall – the sign of an authentic Irish pub!
  2. Irish staff
  3. Good Guinness served!
  4. Good selection of Irish whiskeys
  5. Genuine Irish memorabilia and bric-a-brac
  6. Irish music – background and live
  7. Irish food served (including Tayto crisps!)
  8. Irish sports televised
  9. Irish sports played – the pub hurling team for example
  10. Capacity for ‘craic’ to happen

Which is the most important one for you?