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A picture of an Irish signpost with your life mapped out on it

Yes, we’ve seen those cool fake road signs in Irish bars all over the world pointing to Ballybunion, Killarney and Tipperary (it’s a long way!). They’re great, but they’re not the real thing. They’re too clean, too perfect. There’s no rust, no green stain from the damp and irrepressible greenery that often surrounds them. Plus, if you’re been to Ireland, you’ll know that it is almost impossible to find an Irish road sign post with just one finger on it. And just try to buy one with the name of the miniscule place your father came from. It’s not even a village and barely on a map, so there is zero chance that it has been mass produced for the tourist shops, yet that tiny townland can appear on your personalised signpost picture, courtesy of Signs from Ireland.

It’s rusty, it’s stained with moss but it tells your story.

That’s one of the things that makes the Signs From Ireland signpost picture so great;
  • No matter how small the places you choose are, you can have them on your sign or as your anchor location
  • It looks authentic, right down to the rust spots. And there are up to five fingers pointing in all directions from the one post, and yes, of course there’s a post
  • It couldn’t be more customized. The place names on it tell your life story or the story of someone you know and love
  • Beautifully framed and sent to wherever that someone is, it makes a really special gift. Instantly, their memories return to the places that mean so much to them

A Signs From Ireland signpost picture is a great way to show off Irish heritage and a wonderful way to reinforce the connection with Ireland. Get inspiration for gifts by clicking on the links below.

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