About Us

Signs From Ireland personalised signpost pictures are made by the McIntyre family at their sign-making business on the outskirts of Dublin. The idea for Signs From Ireland hit them when they customised some Irish signposts as surprise gifts. From the reactions of the recipients, it was clear they were on to something.

They explored the idea further by researching Irish place names and their important contribution to our cultural heritage before taking the plunge to develop the software and get the graphics right.

The result is a high-quality graphic of an iconic Irish signpost (now, sadly, a rare sight on Irish roads), personalised with place names or landmarks in Ireland that have some significance for the giver or the receiver.

You would expect signposts to show the distance, and Signs From Ireland signpost pictures do, but in a special way. They show the distance from the place on the signpost to the starting point, or anchor place, that you have chosen.

So if your father was born in Westport but now lives in Philadelphia, the sign could show the distance from Westport to Philadelphia.

You can choose the background for your signpost picture from genuine Irish landscapes and cityscapes. The image is mounted and framed here in Ireland and shipped to the delivery address that you supply.

Click here to see some examples including signpost pictures we’ve made for celebrities with Irish connections.